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Jesus Booth Ministries Charter

Purpose: To bring the gospel of Jesus Christ to the average person in the street utilizing a non-abrasive, non-threatening presentation. This is one way to reach the lost.

We Serve God: Jesus Booth Ministries is one that serves God the Father, Jesus Christ the Son and the Holy Spirit. The God of the Holy Bible, the only God, the Creator of the universe and the Savior and the Redeemer of mankind. We serve no other purpose, person, philosophy, thing, government, or power. Our dedication is solely directed to our Lord, Jesus Christ.

We Support Our Government: While Jesus Booth Ministries is not politically oriented or affiliated, we do acknowledge our allegiance to our country. We encourage participation in government and civic duty, prayer and support for our leaders. Jesus Booth Ministries will not encourage any actions, which are contrary to the laws of government, except where those laws are in direct opposition to the clear written word of God. Jesus Booth Ministries is completely non-political in nature and does not endorse any political agenda, philosophy, or candidate. We affirm each member’s right to vote and participate individually in local, state, or federal political processes; however, Jesus Booth Ministries must remain completely neutral in this regard.

We Support the Church: Jesus Booth Ministries supports the local, historic Christian church. We strongly encourage every member and those we minister to in church membership and continued participation. Each booth shall operate in such a way as to be accountable to a local church. Jesus Booth Ministries is an independent, non-profit organization and ministry. Jesus Booth Ministries is a ministry out of and is accountable to Calvary Chapel. Why is it important that a Jesus Booth and Jesus Booth Ministries be accountable to a church? – Accountability! Unlike other independent ministries, we firmly believe that every ministry of God should be conducted under the supervision of a local Christian church. This way, if conflicts arise, the church has the authority to step in, give instruction and discipline. Biblically, the church is the God ordained vehicle used to correct Christians and the ministries we serve.

We Are Not In Competition with Anyone: Jesus Booth Ministries will not compete with any other Christian street ministry. Our purpose, mission, and materials have been carefully planned as to not antagonize other biblically based Christian groups.

We Are Not A Commercial Venture: Jesus Booth Ministries is strictly non-profit and will not accept any paid sponsorship in exchange for advertising of any kind. The purpose of Jesus Booth Ministries is not to sponsor products or services, endorse a particular business over another or provide a vehicle for commercial advertisement. Special exceptions can be made where a Christian donates his/her work towards this ministry For Free and deserves recognition or credit for his/her work, i.e. web page designer credits, newsletter graphics credits, etc.).

We Are A Free Ministry: In keeping with the Lord’s example, Jesus Booth Ministries will not charge any dues, fees, or levies in order for a person or church to participate. In addition, solicitation for any such funds is prohibited. However, Jesus Booth Ministries does reserve its right to sell products and/or services in exchange for fair compensation which is to be used to further the ministry. Jesus Booth Ministries reserves the right to charge reasonable fees for start-up kits, materials, literature, etc. in order to cover costs. Free will donations towards the ministry are gladly accepted.

Where are there Jesus Booths? – Jesus Booth Ministries currently serves the greater Los Angeles area i.e., (Culver City, Santa Monica). There is also a booth in Edinburgh, Scotland. The following are in the planning stages of setting up Jesus Booth’s: Berkeley, Hollywood, Irvine, Venice Beach, Loyola Marymount University and UCLA, California.

We Will Not Discriminate: Jesus Booth Ministries ministers, seeks to share and desires to witness to all people regardless of the following circumstances: Race, Creed, Color, Gender, Religion, Political Affiliation, Christian Church Denomination, Profession, Sexual Preference, Dress Code or hairstyle i.e. (tattoo’s, piercing, etc). Jesus Booth Ministries does, however, reserve the right to refuse membership based upon: Humanistic and non-historic denominations, Legalistic Churches, Sexual Preference (Homosexuality), Non-Christian Church Membership, i.e. (JW, Mormon, Muslim, etc.), Sine as described in our application or other issues related to a person’s character, morals, or ethics.

Integrity Guidance Disclaimer
* Although Jesus Booth Ministries will make an effort to train, guide and equip volunteers to properly represent Jesus Christ and our philosophy of ministry, we cannot guarantee that every individual sharing from the booth will do so. If you have witnessed anything contrary to what we believe coming from a Jesus Booth, please contact me. If you do choose to have a Jesus Booth and your beliefs and philosophy of ministry are contrary to that of the Jesus Booth Ministries, please do not call yourself a Jesus Booth or display the sign “Information about Jesus”.

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