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Jesus Booth Assembly


  1. Take 8 poles with side outlet elbows and assemble into 2 equal squares with 1/2 outlets facing up.
  2. Insert 8 poles with 3/4″ + 1/2″ hole adapters into outlet on each square. (designate one as base and one as top).
  3. Add 2 PC poles with 3/4″ tees to Base Assembly
  4. Add 2 Cross Bars with nylon cord through end caps.
  5. Now the Base is complete. Take the Assembly designated Top and turn it over. Attach your signs (see instructions for Sign Assemblies).
  6. Now place the Top Assembly on top of the Base Assembly….Voila!
  7. Add your fabric covering (1 side at a time). Jump inside, secure the closure – Go Fishing.

Jesus Booth Assembly

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