A brief description of how the Jesus Booth Ministry can benefit your community

Nathan Gunn, Community ServiceThe Jesus Booth Ministries intends to take church and the Good News about Jesus Christ to the people on the streets. The name Jesus Booth describes the ministry methodology for a 1-2 man “ticket-like” booth (3’x 3’x8′) dispensing information about Jesus.

A sign is displayed along the top of the booth that reads “Information about Jesus”. There is space inside the booth to provide storage for a huge selection of tracts, bibles, apologetic information and books. Outside along the bottom half of the Jesus Booth space is made available to display thought provoking material leading to inquiries into theological topics and conversations. Of course, each Jesus Booth can be modified to contain a wide variation of materials to dispense to the public in your community.

One of the most important aspects of the Jesus Booth Ministries is to provide a vehicle for evangelism and community outreach that is not abrasive or invasive. We find that the Jesus Booth Ministries is a respectful non-aggressive, non-threatening method of evangelism that we have found to be very effective. We feel part of its success is due to the fact that it reaches out to the less aggressive types of individuals – both those ministering and those being ministered to. Those ministering do not have to be bold and seek out individuals to witness to, since they are inside the booth with a sign above them that reads “Information about Jesus”. They simply must be non-argumentative, approachable and available to share God’s truth in LOVE. This allows us to rely on the Holy Spirit to attract the individual off the street to approach the booth and obtain information they are seeking. We believe that no one should be approached before they are ready to receive it. We rely on the Holy Spirit to bring individuals to the Jesus Booth. We also rely heavily on intercessory prayer.

A couple of brothers in the Lord and I started the ministry over three years ago. We chose the Third Street Promenade in our city of Santa Monica, California, a very busy four-block area filled with specialty shops, restaurants, movie theatres, pool halls and tourist attractions, as our first location on Friday nights. This area is also filled with street musicians, performers, and large numbers of shoppers milling about, especially on evenings and weekends.

In the beginning of the Jesus Booth Ministries we were not sure what to expect. We questioned whether anything would happen. If anyone would even come to the booth, let alone ask questions. We were very surprised and delighted at how receptive the public was to the Jesus Booth. Though some were believers, most were non-believers! Over the past three years we have had an awesome response to the booth and expect to continue for many more years.

The Jesus Booth Ministries has begun to take on a life of its own. There is a Jesus Booth at the Fox Hills Mall in Culver City, California and one in Edinburgh, Scotland. The following are in the planning stages of setting up Jesus Booth’s: Berkeley, Hollywood, Irvine, Venice Beach, Loyola Marymount University and UCLA in California. Our hope and prayer is to expand the Jesus Booth Ministries to other university campuses, shopping malls, airports, strip malls, tourist attractions and other large gathering places are ideal locations for this ministry.

The Jesus Booth is designed to erect and break down easily. It fits into a large satchel, which will slide easily into the back seat or trunk of most vehicles. Thus, the ministry is a transportable and mobile ministry.

Metro Calvary Chapel of Santa Monica has successfully operated and fine tuned the Jesus Booth concept for the past three years and reached many lost people in the local community. Our desire is to equip churches with all the skills and information required to operate and spread the Good News about our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ using the Jesus Booths product. We will assist anyone who hears the calling with a step by step guide with do’s and don’ts including our mission statement and other relevant information needed to get started.