Pre-Assembly Instructions

Pre-Assembly Instructions

  1. First, cut all 7 PVC poles into 21 equal length segments, each measuring exactly 40".
  2. Take one of the poles and glue the 8 pieces of 3/4" x 1/2" Male Adapters to the ends of each pole (1 per pole).
  3. Take eight 40" poles and eight 3/4" Elbows with 1/2" side outlet and glue 1 to each Pole. Note: All must face the same direction.
  4. Take 2 PVC poles … four 3/4" Tees and glue to four open ends.
  5. Take 2 PVC poles and four 3/4" stop caps and glue to the ends.
  6. Now take a pole with 1/2" drill bit and drill through end of the cap and PVC pole approximately 1 inch down the length of the pole. This is for the nylon cord.
  7. Take 4 pieces of clothesline or 1/4" nylon cord and cut into 1 foot long pieces. Feed 1 piece through each end of the poles with slip cap and tie a knot.
  8. Now you are ready to assemble.


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