Skirt Construction

Jesus Booth Skirt Construction

  1. Acquire 8 yards of 60" wide nylon fabric and cut into 6 equal sections that are 44.5" wide x 60" long.

  2. Take 2 panels and cut in half so that you have 4 pieces that measure 44.5" x 30" for the pocket flaps.

  3. Take 4 panels and cut 12" off the top of the panels so you have 4 pieces that measure 44.5" x 48". These will be the outside skirt panels and the small pieces will be your pockets.

  4. Sew small 12" pieces to the 30" x 44.5" panels. Sew down in 11" sections to make the pockets.

  5. Put a 1" hem on the bottom of the 44.5" x 48" panel. Now it should measure 44.5" x 46".

  6. Sew Pocket Flap to the outside Skirt Panels.

  7. Sew Outside Skirt Panels together at the sides.

  8. Sew 24" pieces of Nylon Cord to each end of completed Skirt for ties.


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