Questions and Answers about Jesus

  1. Why should I get saved?
  2. How do I get saved?
  3. Why should I believe in God?
  4. Who is Jesus?
  5. Why should I believe in the Bible?
  6. Who wrote the Bible?
  7. Is Hell Real?
  8. Is the Devil Real?
  9. Why should I believe in Heaven
  10. When is Jesus coming back?
  11. Is there Life after Death?
  12. Who or what is the Holy Spirit?
  13. What is grace all about?
  14. What is mercy all about?
  15. What is forgiveness all about?
  16. What does “justification” mean?
  17. What does sanctification mean?
  18. Isn’t the church full of hypocrites?
  19. I’m a good person….will God let me into heaven?
  20. Don’t all religions lead to God?
  21. What is sin?
  22. What is the Trinity?
  23. If God is so loving, why send anyone to hell?
  24. Why do bad things happen to good people?
  25. How do I know God loves me?
  26. I was baptized at birth….does that count?
  27. Can I pray to a saint?
  28. Why don’t Jews accept Jesus?
  29. What do Jews think of Jesus?
  30. What do atheists teach?
  31. Which is right, creation evolution?
  32. What do Mormons teach?
  33. What does Islam teach?
  34. What is New Age?
  35. Is there a purgatory?
  36. Why should I believe that Jesus is God.
  37. What is the rapture?


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