What do atheists teach?

The word “atheist” means “one who denies the existence of God.” The word comes from the Greek “atheos” meaning GODLESS (a = without + theos = god). As to what else atheists teach and believe, they basically have made themselves “god” and they teach that man (humanity, mankind) is all important, and there is no higher authority to which they must answer. We human beings were created with a God-shaped hole, so to speak, in our hearts. If we deny the existence of the one true God, we try to fill that hole with something else. The atheist will put self in the place of God to fill the emptiness. Atheists usually believe strongly in evolution, because evolution teaches that man is always evolving to become better and better. Even though we look around us and see that man is not becoming better and better, the atheist needs desperately to believe it is so.


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