Which is right, creation or evolution?

Evolution is not true or right, it is only a man-made theory which was invented, by people who had already rejected God and His written word, the Bible, to explain how things came into being. Some thirty or more years ago, our educational system dropped the word “theory” and started teaching evolution as if it were fact, because they had an agenda, a plan to introduce certain ideas to our children. Evolution is not science, it is a religious belief system that takes faith to believe in. Science is the study of how things are and how things work in our universe. Evolution is speculation of how someone thinks things might have come into being or might have developed, and there is no way to prove it. That is not true science – true science is something you can prove in the laboratory, or you can observe it happening in nature.

It would take too long to disprove here each one of the so-called “proofs of evolution” that we see in the school textbooks. Many of those so-called proofs have been discarded and disproved by the scientific community years ago (some were actual frauds and hoaxes), but are left in the textbooks because teachers and educators want their ideas taught to our children in the schools, whether they are true or not. If you are interested in learning the truth about evolution, go to any Christian bookstore and ask for books or videos on creation vs. evolution. Books and videos are best, because you will need to see pictures, and there is a wealth of scientific evidence supporting God’s creation, and disproving evolution! If you are reading this on the internet right now, there is an excellent website you can go to at www.AnswersInGenesis.org. Click on to their Questions & Answers section, and you will probably find most of your questions answered there.


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