Who wrote the Bible?

Less than ordinary men inspired by God.  About 40 authors wrote the scriptures over a 1,500 year period. They came from varied parts of the middle east. They wrote in Hebrew, Greek and Aramaic. They came from all walks of life and held  many different jobs such as fishermen, tax collectors, doctors, rulers, shepherds and prophets. The miracle of the Bible is that even though many of these men never met and wrote in different languages over 15 centuries, it is in complete harmony and thoroughly consistent without contradictions. It contains history, poetry, biographies, and prophecy, yet the entire Bible is themed around Jesus Christ. It has been translated into over 1,200 languages, is available in every nation, and has been the number one selling book of all time year after year. Yet many have judged this book without ever having read it. Many are quick to quote things they believe are written in it but actually are not and much confusion has arisen because of this. There are however two ways to read the Bible, with an open or a closed heart. When we read the Bible with a closed heart we twist it to conform to our earthly desires but when we allow God open our hearts when we delve into it, the Word of God transforms us.


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